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To cater for the needs of a clientele increasingly more interested in literature and art, the Al Cappello Rosso Hotel has also become a bookshop, library, reading room, and stimulating environment to immerge yourself in literature and art.

The Library Area:

always available to guests free of charge, with useful guides to the city and to the local wines and gastronomic specialties of Bologna, various kinds of reading matter, including photographic magazines, books in foreign languages, and the great classics of ancient, modern and contemporary literature.

Bookcrossing Point:

an area dedicated to what has become a widespread practice, that of swapping reading matter, based on the free sharing of resources and information.

A way of sharing your own tastes and preferences, but also a concrete method to foster the circulation of knowledge, leaving in Bologna a sign of your passing. An initiative based on voluntary collaboration, completely free of charge, which has very rapidly gained great success and participation, allowing for further enrichment of the offer of the books available at the Al Cappello Rosso Hotel.

Publishing initiatives by Al Cappello Rosso:

  • Alessandro Molinari Pradelli: ‘Bologna tra storia e osterie’ published by Pendragon (with GeoMondadori guide)
  • ‘Bolognese Cooking Heritage’ by Barbara Bertuzzi, published by Pendragon.
  • ‘Sulle mura di Bologna: mille anni di guerra e di pace’ by Tiziano Costa, published by Costa Editore
  • ‘Guida ai luoghi ebraici di Bologna’ published by De Luca Editori d’Arte
  • ‘Guide to Jewish Places in Bologna’ published by De Luca Editori d’Arte
  • ‘Storia di Bologna Illustrata’ published by Hitstudio Editori
  • ‘Arena!’ International competition organised by the Baraccano, comic strips and illustrations


  • ‘Arena!’ International competition organised by the Baraccano, comic strips and illustrations
  • ‘BilBolBul’ International Comic Strip Festival
  • Canto 31

Thanks to the ‘Library Hotel’ service, the Al Cappello Rosso has the pleasure of inviting its guests to immerse themselves in the joy of reading and to allow themselves to be entranced by the fascination of the “city of knowledge”.