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The meticulous care and attention we offer our clients also extends to include respect for the environment as well as hygienic-sanitary and safety measures.

Respecting the environment

1) All of the rooms at Al Cappello Rosso benefit from an efficient energy-saving system refined over the course of many years. The lights, electrical outlets and ventilation systems are activated when the guest enters the room and are deactivated when he or she leaves. In this way, no energy is wasted while the guest is elsewhere; only the mini bar fridge continues to run.

2) The entire structure is well insulated and all the hotel windows are double paned.

3) The hotel is equipped with Daikin air conditioners that use ecological gas, a fuel that does not harm the atmospheric ozone layer. Furthermore, the cold and hot tubing system that runs for several kilometers through the hotel both inside and out is specially insulated to reduce energy loss.

4) Thanks to a detailed architectural survey and the introduction of specific furnishing elements, we are able to use energy saving lighting while preserving the overall appearance of the hotel and the welcoming atmosphere of its interior spaces.

5) The hotel’s linens are cleaned by a service that uses a sophisticated filtering and water recycling system in order to avoid harming rivers and underground aquifers, in accordance with current environmental regulations. In addition, all our linens are subjected to bacteriological testing.

6) Thanks to the efforts of the hotel and all its personnel (and in full compliance with privacy regulations) all the paper and plastic products used by our various departments are collected separately to be sent to the city recycling center.

7) The highly polluting printer toner and ink cartridges are disposed of by a certified company, in full compliance with the law.

8) The technological materials discarded by the hotel are disposed of by a specialized company that is certified by the City of Bologna.

9) The highly polluting batteries used in our uninterruptible power supplies and communication devices are disposed of in compliance with the law.

10) All the paper products used in the hotel are made with eco-friendly paper from Fedrigoni.

11) We choose glass containers for the mini bar whenever possible to offer our guests high quality products while respecting the environment.

12) All the products used to clean the hotel comply with EU environmental regulations and do not contain any substances harmful to human or environmental health.

13) Covers, bedspreads, forgotten belongings that were never reclaimed and other discarded objects are donated to support the “fiori della solidarietà” (flowers of solidarity) project carried out by the non-profit volunteer organization Antoniano.

Hygienic-sanitary and safety measures
01) The structure complies with fire safety norms. The rooms and common areas are furnished using only class 1IM textiles, which are highly fire-resistant.

02) The ventilation systems are purified twice a year for the health of guests with allergy problems and to keep out Legionella.

03) The hotel uses class 1IM latex or high spring count mattresses to enable the healthiest positioning of the spinal column while sleeping. We also offer normal or latex ortho-cervical pillows upon request.

04) The clean linens are stored in a separate location from the used linens and do not come in contact with them.

05) The breakfast room is subjected to HACPP bacteriological checkups conducted by a certified company that regularly comes to carry out testing.

06) The entire building is constantly monitored and disinfected to prevent the intrusion of animals and insects that are harmful to human health.

07) The hotel staff is trained and prepared to manage fire emergency or first aid situations.

08) The hotel maintains contact with medical diagnostic institutes staffed by multi-lingual medical personnel.