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For over ten years we have been happy to welcome guests who enjoy traveling with their four-legged friends as much as we do.

Some simple rules for owners of animals at the hotel:

in the common areas animals must be brought on a leash or in their cage;

animals can never be left unattended in the room;

if you have not alerted and we have to assign a carpeted room lacking other rooms available, you will be asked a supplement of Euro 20.00 to cover extra carpet cleanings;

guests are liable for any damage to property and/or persons.

We offer crates and metal food and water bowls free of charge.

Knowing that every dog and cat has its own food preferences, we leave the feeding up to you; however, the hotel is stocked with canned food and kibble for emergency situations.

We are also equipped to provide the following fee-based services upon request:

  • Pet walking
  • Pet sitting
  • Grooming

We are happy to offer these services for the health and entertainment of your precious friends but, seeing as they require a certain amount of coordination, we do ask that you communicate your requests at the moment of booking whenever possible.

Of course, the hotel can also contact a twenty-four hour veterinary service if needed.

Request the pet friendly service at the moment of booking (also online) and we will gladly take care of your furry friends’ every need.