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We aim to bring the smells, flavors and atmosphere of traditional Bolognese taverns back to life in modern-day Bologna, a lively city with a deep sense of its own history.
A place perfectly suited to hotel guests from all over the world who are welcomed in an international style while at the same time finding all the local and traditional ingredients that are the city’s hallmarks.  
Our project focuses on Bologna, its distinctive cuisine and conviviality, in order to rediscover a rich and important gourmet tradition and the pleasure of spending time together.

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It was already standing in 1375. With its six hundred years of history, the Osteria del Cappello is a historical symbol of food and hospitality in Bologna.
The tavern was praised by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, one of Guercino’s apprentices, for its fine cuisine: “exquisite roasted partridges covered in lard and accompanied by garnished toasted bread” (from "Gioco delle Osterie").

In 1800 Alfonso Cappelli and his son became the innkeepers and definitively established the tavern as a reference point for foreigners coming to Bologna as well as city residents enamored of home-cooked flavors: home-style cooking, an excellent selection of wines from Romagna, Tuscany and Piedmont and Lambrusco from Sorbara together with elegant rooms and electric lighting and heating won Cappello Rosso its reputation as a place where both palate and limbs could find comfort and satisfaction. 


“A heaping dish of tagliatelle cures all ills”

….where our sfogline still roll out pasta dough the old way, with a rolling pin.

Our Bottega is located only a step away from the Osteria, a small artisanal fresh pasta and dessert workshop where you can buy regional products and take our courses to learn about pasta rolled out with a rolling pin!

Your fresh pasta home-delivered!

You can book delivery from Tuesday to Sunday. Call us at: 0514681349

Our products - Also available for delivery

Fresh pasta

Potato Gnocchi
Zuppa imperiale


Raviole filled cookies
Fruit tarts
Chocolate cake
Rice pudding

…..and much more!

On Saturdays and Sundays, Bolognese-style green-pasta lasagne

2/E ,Galleria Falcone e Borsellino
Bologna – Phone: 0514681349

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Tuesday 9.30-13.30/ 16.00-19.30
Wednesday 9.30-13.30/ 16.00-19.30
Thursday 9.30-13.30
Friday 9.30-13.30/ 16.00-19.30
Saturday 9.30-19.30
Sunday 9.30-19.30



We offer choices from breakfast through to dinner, perfectly calibrated to every moment of the day.
Hand-made cakes and cookies, fresh croissants, delicious muffins, a cornucopia of fresh fruit and more greet hotel guests in the morning.
For lunch, guests opting to spend their midday break at the Osteria are welcomed with traditional flavors; they can be assured of a well-planned selection that offers outstanding products at a reasonable price.
And finally, for the dinner hour, the flavors and atmosphere of our traditional tavern take center stage: cheese and meat platters, local coldcuts, salami by the meter, tortellini and tagliatelle with Bolognese ragù sauce, tigelle and crescentine and a selection of meats or soups will win the hearts of Bolognese locals and visitors alike in a place that is destined to regain its landmark status for high-quality, gourmet food and wine.