How to get there

How to get there


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Bologna Old Town – Piazza Maggiore Piazza Maggiore: 50 metres - 0.05 Miles
Bologna Airport, Guglielmo Marconi: 7.7 km - 4.8 Miles (about 15/20 minutes’ drive away)
Bologna Central Railway Station: 2.2 km - 1.35 Miles (about 5/10 minutes’ drive away)
Showground (Palazzo dei Congressi): 4.4 km - 2.7 Miles (about 10/15 minutes’ drive away)
Motorway exit A14 & A1 Milano – Firenze/Ancona: 10.8 km - 6.7 Miles (about 20/25 minutes’ drive away)


We can have a chauffeur-driven car pick you up from the Guglielmo Marconi Airport.

As well as the BLQ shuttle bus that provides connection service between the airport and city center.

  • A chauffeur-driven car will cost around €35.00
  • A taxi will cost around €25.00; however, the price varies according to multiple factors such as the traffic, time of day and number of suitcases.
  • A ticket for the Aerobus shuttle costs €6.00 and can be puchased directly on board the shuttle bus.

If you opt for the bus, the closest stop is Via dei Mille, approximately 1,5 Km from the hotel.

TIP: the BLQ shuttle is a better value for guests traveling alone, whereas, in terms of cost and convenience, groups of two or more are better off taking a taxi.  


The hotel is located in the historic downtown, approximately 100 meters from Piazza Maggiore and inside a restricted-traffic area (“ZTL”); there are video cameras called SIRIO monitoring all of the main routes leading into the city center as well as cameras called RITA monitoring all of the bus-only lanes and pedestrian areas. Guests are thus invited to carefully follow the directions provided to avoid incurring automatically issued traffic fines.

We suggest that you pay careful attention to your route. Please be advised that it is only possible to travel to and from the hotel by car when arriving and departing; cars are STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM CIRCULATING in the city center at any other time (the only exceptions are electric or Methane/GPL[propane]-powered cars or vehicles carrying disabled individuals).    

Via IndipendenzaVia Rizzoli and most of Via Ugo Bassi (the streets comprising the “T-Zone”) cannot under any circumstances be used to approach the hotel. It is only possible to drive on one specific section of Via Ugo Bassi: when coming from Via Marconi, Via San Felice or Piazza Malpighi, you can drive down the initial 50 meters to reach Via Testoni, the first right-hand turn.

After turning down Via Testoni, take the second left (Via Porta Nuova), straight ahead through via IV Novembre, right onto Piazza Galileo and left onto Via Marescalchi and, finally, a left onto Via De' Fusari: the hotel will be right there on the left.

Upon your arrival, you can temporarily park on the left hand side of the street just past the entrance in order to check in and hotel staff will be available to assist with your luggage.

When you check in, your license plate number will be communicated via internet to the Traffic Office (though please note that this does not in any way permit you to drive on the bus-only lanes or “T-Zone” clearly indicated on the map).

Temporary and long-term parking

The hotel garage must be booked ahead of time at a cost of 28.00 Euros per night. Alternatively, upon arrival guests can purchase a municipal parking pass allowing them to park on the street for a cost of 9.00 Euros/24 hours. This pass allows you to park in all the places throughout the historic center indicated with blue lines, including the large lot in Piazza Roosevelt located only 50 meters from the hotel.

TIP: We suggest that you download the map and driving directions provided even if you are traveling with a GPS device, as these often lose reception among the city’s medieval streets. 


We can have a chauffeur-driven car pick you up from Bologna Centrale Station.
Alternately, just outside the station you’ll find a taxi stand and bus stop.

  • A chauffeur driven car will cost around €20.00
  • A taxi will cost around €15.00; however, the price varies according to multiple factors such as the traffic, time of day and number of suitcases.

For guests choosing to travel by bus, we suggest that you take shuttle “A” or buses number 25 or 30 from the train station and get off at the Piazza Maggiore stop; alternatively, you can take buses 11 or 27 from Via dell’Indipendenza and get off at the Piazza Maggiore stop, which is only 70 meters from the hotel.

  • A bus ticket costs €1.30 and can be purchased from the newsstand inside the main lobby of the station or directly on the bus, at the higher price of €1.50 (the machine does not provide change).

The station is located about 1 km from Al Cappello Rosso, the trip takes around 10 minutes by car.

TIP: If you take the bus, please make sure you have the correct change to purchase the ticket onboard – better to spend a few cents more than pay a very stiff fine!

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TIP: guests who like to walk and want to establish an immediate connection with the city can choose to walk from the station to the hotel up the length of Via dell’Indipendenza to Piazza Maggiore, a trip that takes approximately 20-25 minutes. 


It is possible to reach Piazza Roosevelt in the vicinity of the hotel to drop off passengers and luggage by taking the following route from Viale Pietramellara (Bologna’s Bus Station):

Drive up via Indipendenza – turn right onto Via Ugo Bassi – take the first street on the left, Via Venezian, and park immediately on the right, in Piazza Roosevelt, for drop-off;

Then return to the Bus Station, where it is possible to request bus parking using this link  (advance booking is recommended)

Exit Piazza Roosevelt, turning right onto Via della Zecca – turn left onto Via Ugo Bassi – turn right onto Via Marconi and travel to the end of the street – continue going straight, through the roundabout, where via Marconi becomes Via Amendola, and then take a right onto Viale Pietramellara, which immediately becomes Viale Masini. You will find the entrance to the Bus Station immediately on the right. 

We usually ask to be given a phone number for the driver or Group Leader so that we can communicate with them at the last minute if needed; in any case, please call us 10 minutes before your arrival so that we can send someone out to welcome you.

PLEASE NOTE: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays the “T-Zone” of the city center is completely closed to traffic. At these times, it will not be possible to take Via Indipendenza and you will need to instead take Via Marconi and park in Piazza Malpighi for pick-up and drop-off before returning to the Bus Station (please see tourist bus route number 2);