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exclusively organized on request

Duration 3,30 h. + tasting

Minimum 2 participants

Euro 110.00 per person

Pride and joy of Emilia Romagna gastronomy, handmade fresh pasta’s origin dates back to ancient times: we find, indeed, some reference to vegetable stuffed ravioli into texts from XII Century and to lasagna, into texts from XIV Century .Egg fresh pasta mainly belongs to a household tradition, where housemaids were often busy making tagliatelle or tortellini for the Sunday lunch and festivity meals. Fresh egg pasta can be simple, stuffed with meat or vegetables, or even with fish, if we go towards Romagna coasts.

This offer also includes:

. the cooking classes are held at private home carefully selected in the historical center of Bologna,

. preparation of three traditional recipes of eggs pasta,

. under the guidance of expert teacher;

Egg pasta shapes prepared during the cooking lesson:

Sfoglia – preparation of fresh eggs pasta with rolling pin

Tagliatelle (typically long, thin shaped)

Tortelloni (typical bolognese stuffed with ricotta cheese, parsley, nutmeg)

Strichetti (typically bow pasta):

. individual workspace (tools, ingredients...) for each participant;

. Illustrative brochure including all the recipes prepared during the lesson - in Italian or in English;

. cotton apron with ItalyFoodNest Association’s logo;

. membership fee to our association (valid for a year);

. tasting:

  tasting of the dishes prepared during the lesson

Tasting menu:

tagliatelle with  “ragù” (meat sauce prepared by the teacher),

tortelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese, served with butter and sage,

strichetti ham and peas

chocolate salami (prepared by the teacher)

selected wine from the best wineries of Emilia-Romagna;


* Confirmation within 5 days from the date requested.

* Upon confirmation specify: name and surname of the participants, any allergies and / or intolerances.

* Cash payment in Euro, at the end of the lesson behind the issue of regular receipt, made out to each   participant.

* Cancellation Policy

Free up to 6 days before   

from 5 days before refund 50%

less than 2 days no refund.