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by Ruppert & Mulot

The leading men of Room 209 are Ruppert & Mulot, who took advantage of an artistic residency to envisage an ad-hoc project carried out on the walls and furnishings of the room.

Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot, considered to be the most innovative and explosive of France’s new generation of comic artists, created a story set in the room. With their refined and exciting narrative approach, they crafted drawings and text that playfully make the guest/reader complicit, inviting him or her to become part of the story by following the trail winding across the floor.

Both of them work together to create their graphic representations and write their scripts, which offer a de-structured narrative approach in which drawings and text seek to establish a playful complicity with the guest/reader and generate metalinguistic short-circuits.
Stepping back from the printed page, Ruppert & Mulot have produced a more plastic form of language, calling into question the codes of comic art and making use of the mirrored wall that reflects the room’s furnishings and the painted inscriptions written backwards on the walls.

A comic strip as dance, where dance means a sequence of precise movements carried out without useless or ornamental additions. Or, comics as a game that must be faced with courage and intelligence but always remains a losing game.

The room was created in collaboration with the 2011 edition of the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul, which hosted the exhibit “Il Teatrino dell’ebrezza” (The little theater of tipsiness) by Ruppert & Mulot at Bologna’s Museum of Music, and was inaugurated together with the artists on March 6, 2011.

Florent Ruppert (1979) and Jérôme Mulot (1981) meet at École nationale supérieure d’arts in Dijon and start their collaboration in 2002. Their comic strips are published by various alternative fanzine, like “Bile Noire” and “Le nouveau journal de Judith et Marinette”. Jean-Christophe Menu, enthusiastic for their stories for “Ferraille Illustré”, asks them to publish their works for l’Association. The collaboration with l’Association starts in 2005 with Safari Monseigneur, which takes Ruppert & Mulot to a wider audience. In 2007 their Panier de Singe is prized with the “Prix Révélation” at Angoulême Festival.
Le Tricheur and Sol Carrelus are published in 2008, followed in 2009 by the first volume of Irène et les clochards, in which the authors show their scriptwriting skills, creating a delicate and moving story.