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Room 109 is the fruit of a collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul and offers a collection of inscriptions left by the artists of the 2011 edition in recognition of our hospitality.

Drawings by Marina Girardi tell the story of the room and describe the inscriptions, in the characteristically colorful tempera-based style that she uses to create a charming universe of little monsters.

Every year the AlCappello Rosso hotel, located in the heart of Bologna, hosts cartoonists on the occasion of the BilBOlbul international comics festival. Some rooms have been decorated by the artists themselves while others have become a space to exhibit drawings that the artists dedicated to the hotel.
In one of these rooms, I let slip a horde of sardonic little monsters, who invaded every surface and spread into every corner and crack.
When I went to report what had happened, one of the housekeeping staff, a stout lady from Eastern Europe, exclaimed, “Oh yes, we found the surprise…those drawings remind me of happy times…times gone by…(Marina Girardi)

Illustrations: Alessandro Tota, Alice Socal, Andrea Poggiaro, Ben Katchor, David B, Davide Toffolo, Edmond Baudoin, Emile Bravo, Fabio Visentin, Francesca Ghermandi, Giulio MacaiOne, Jose Munoz, Laura Scarpa, Luca Schenardi, Mabel Morri, Mariana Chiesa, Massimo Fenati, Michelangelo Setola, Onofrio Catacchio, Otto Gabos, Paolo Parisi, Paper Resistance, Sara Colaone, Vanna Vinci.

Marina Girardi was born in the province of Belluno in 1979.
She attended a comics and illustration course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In 2008, she won the Komikazen award from Ravenna’s international festival of reality comics with her graphic novel Kurden People, published in 2009 by Comma 22 Editore. She also created Appennino in 2010 for the same publishing house. She recently took part in the projects ‘La Costituzione Illustrata,’ in which comic artists and illustrators redraw the Italian constitution, and Migration: a story for history.
Her drawings have appeared in Tiamottì, eleven Italian songs in cartoon form (published by Arcana in 2010) and in the magazines Illywords, Alice Baum, Gillette and Self comics. For the publisher Aìsara (Cagliari), she draws the covers for the Yakamoz series.
In Bologna, where she has lived for over ten years, she sings in a band called Alhambra, works as a street painter and holds comic art workshops for children and young people.