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Room 105 showcases illustrations by the artists who participated in this edition of BilBOBul, dedicated to us in gratitude for our hospitality. So many of the authors who animate the Bilbolbul festival each year have left us drawings to remember them by. The fresh talent of Viola Niccolai, one of the most original and interesting figures of contemporary illustration, has woven a uniting thread through these various drawings, binding together the countless artistic hands that have called this room home.

Plants and horses chase each other through a lush tropical forest in a naturalistic pun that delightfully envelops the guest. These frolicsome horses have leapt from the pages of the first comic book Viola illustrated, an etiological fairy tale by Antonio Gramsci titled La volpe e il polledrino (The fox and the little foal).

Illustrations: Aisha Franz, Akab, Marina Girardi, Alessandro Poli, Berliac, Andrea Zoli, Francesco Cattani, Edda Strobl, Flavia Biondi, Francesca Ghermandi, Jason, Laura Scarpa, Kim, luca Genovese, Maicol and Mirko, Lorena Canottiere, Marino Neri, Maxi Luchini Mammut, Simon Haussle, Michelangelo Setola, Nicolò Pellizzon, Onofrio Catacchio, Sara Colaone, Roberto Recchioni, Otto Gabos, Tuono Pettinato, Ulli Lust, Vanna Vinci, Wagenbreth Henning, Tomi Um, Silvia Rocchi and Storai.

Viola Niccolai was born in Castel del Piano, a small town on Monte Amiata (GR) on December 7, 1986. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and earned a two-year Master’s degree from the Academy of Bologna. She was chosen for the exhibition of illustrators at the 2012 Fiera di Bologna and the Ilustrarte illustration biennial in 2014. Together with Silvia Rocchi and Francesca Lanzarini she developed the exhibition project and book Bosco di betulle (Forest of birches). She is part of the La trama autoproduzioni collective and has worked with the “Hamelin” and “NY Times” magazines. In September of 2014, Topipittori published her first illustrated comic book, La volpe e il polledrino, based on a story by Antonio Gramsci.