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by Lisa Passaniti

Room 203 was born out of our collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBObul and displays the illustrations that the artists participating in the 2014 edition dedicated to us in appreciation for our having hosted them. Many of the artists who animate the yearly festival have left a drawing to mark their passing through. The task of weaving together the various images and unifying the many hands at work in this room has fallen to Lisa Passaniti, one of the most original and interesting figures on the stage of contemporary illustration.

Come on in and stretch out in the 2014 BilBObul Room!  We are about to embark on a voyage through space, among astral dust and mysterious planets, in search of treasures and countless new stars…the stars who populate the fantastic BilBObul comics festival every year and allow us to take a small fragment of those distant galaxies home with us. (Lisa Passaniti)

Illustrations: Paolo Bacilieri, Alessandro Baronciani, Matteo Farinella, Marina Girardi, Elòisa Muliere, Nicolò Pellizzon, Emanuele Rosso, Laura Scarpa, Serena Schinaia, Swuaz, Lise Talami, Elisa Talentino, Anne Vagt, Olimpia Zagnoli, Massimo Giacon + Tiziano Scarpa, and Charles Forsman + Max de Radigues.

Lisa Passaniti was born in Verona, where she attended a high school specialized in the humanities. She studied fashion design at Naba in Milan and the Pratt Institute in New York. She then moved to Bologna to study comics and illustration at the city’s Academy of Fine Arts and attend a semester of classes at haw in Hamburg. She continued her studies in Bologna by signing up for a two-year specialized degree program in Illustration for Publishing at the Academy, where she continues to study today. One of the projects she has taken part in most recently is Grimmland - C'era una volta... oggi! launched by Goethe Institut, the results of which are displayed in Rome and published in the magazine Hamelin