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by Bastien Contraire

Room 210 features Bastien Contraire with an artistic residency that involved him in imagining an ad hoc project working on the walls and furnishings of the room.

A travel room, the contents of a suitcase designed and ordered on the walls of the room; you can find the details of what you carry with you while you travel (clothes, socks, toothbrushes), but also the intruders, the things that "interfere" in our plans and unexpectedly find themselves when you empty your bags.
With irony, the French illustrator Bastien Contraire plays, starting from his work Intrusi, on things that resemble and merge, but that when viewed from close up reveal their different essence. A room that asks the visitor to join the game, finding similarities and distances between the drawings, obtained with a clever use of bichromies and overlapping with the "pochoir" technique.

Bastien Contrarie, a young French illustrator, in his work mixes narration, sense of the absurd and humor, looking with particular interest to artisanal and ancient printing techniques like those of the pochoir.
He looks at the illustration for children in 2016 with the illustrated book Les Intrus edited by I TIPI by Albin Michel Jeunesse, followed in 2017 by Les Intrus Animaux and production for the Center Georges Pompidou, Bleu Soirire, bulletin released in 2018.
In 2008 he founded with Romina Pelagatti the independent publishing house Papier Gâché, which publishes the magazine of the same name.

The room was created in collaboration with BilBOlBul, International Festival of Comics, 2017 edition.