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Room 208 is a stage for the work of Anna Deflorian as part of an artistic residency in which she was called on to create an ad-hoc project working directly on the room’s walls and furnishings. 

 "In reality, I played on simplicity. I tried to maintain that sense of anonymity you find in hotel rooms. I changed the curtains, replacing them with black. I painted Greek key designs, geometric elements, fillers, vases…I concentrated more on decoration than illustration. I did not feel it was right to add figures – people might expect that, but I felt would have been too kitschy, at least the way I would have done it. I was instead interested in keeping a certain lightness, keeping my intervention unobtrusive." Anna Deflorian

In her work, the young comic book artist and illustrator Anna Deflorian blends a striking attention to the interweaving of various graphic textures, a taste for acid colors and narratives describing lives both ordinary and incongruous, often featuring young people in or just out of adolescence. Alien porcelain dolls, feisty-jawed warrior goddesses, trendy t-shirts, pink hair and fiery skies. Anna Deflorian was born in Trento in 1985. Her work has been published in Italian and international magazines such as "Canicola", "Kuš!", "Kuti" and "Sans Soleil" and displayed in international galleries and festivals in Lucerne, Hamburg, Angoulême and San Francisco.

The room was created in collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul and opened to the public November 23, 2014 with the artist in attendance.