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AMERICAN ICON - Superior Room 201, a bedroom devoted to one of the most iconic presidents of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This room is part of The Biografilm Room Series, a collaboration between Al Cappello Rosso and Biografilm Festival - International Celebrations of Lives, the only international event entirely committed to promote and support biographies and life tales. The Festival takes place every year in Bologna and brings the best selection biopics, documentaries and short films produced every year on international basis. AMERICAN ICON - junior suite 201, created by set designer Mauro Tinti, pays homage to JFK and the American Flag: the stars and stripes are deconstructed and recomposed as decorative elements of the room, and the general atmosphere reminds of the passion Kennedy always had for sailing, thus choosing to focus on a more private view of the life of the U.S. President. A faithful reproduction of the "Kennedy Rocking Chair", so beloved by JFK he wanted one in his studio at the White House, is part of the furniture: you can sit on it, have a drink, close your eyes and dream you are the most powerful person in the the least in this room!