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Room 302 hosts artist in residence Alice Socal, a young Italian comic artist who lives in Hamburg.

Alice was inspired by the aesthetics of the Wunderkammer or cabinets of curiosities, the special spaces where collectors from the 16th to the 18th centuries used to keep and display their assortments of extraordinary objects.

Here, the botanical and zoological findings of Peter Simon Pallas, the 18th century German scientist who lent his name to both a kind of meteorite and a strange species of wild cat, sit alongside tropical plants, various assorted small objects, bizarre animals and photos of expeditions by the other Pallas, the main character of Socal’s short story Sandro.

As part of this heterogeneous and colorful mix, Alice juxtaposes imaginaries, important scientific discoveries and everyday objects elevated to the status of findings.

Alice Socal studied at Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts and later with Anke Feuchtenberger and Stefano Ricci. She has taken part in multiple collective shows in Sweitzerland, Italy and Germany. Since 2009 she has been among the artists who make up the periodical G.I.U.D.A. curated by Gianluca Costantini. Her work has appeared in two comics anthologies, published by MAMI Verlag and by Anke Feuchtemberger and Stefano Ricci, as well as various auto-produced periodicals (“Illyword”, “Liber”, “Two Fast Color”, “Inutile rivista letteraria”, “Kommunikaze” and “Journal360”). She currently works and studies in Hamburg.

She has published two books: Luke (Giuda edizioni, 2011) and Sandro (Eris Edizioni, 2015) as well as various pieces in magazines.

This room was created in collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBObul and inaugurated November 22, 2015 with the artist present.