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From 4/11/2016 to 19/03/2017 - PALAZZO PEPOLI

Al Cappello Rosso is very proud to play a part in this exhibition. Hugo Pratt, a wanderer and adventurer, perfectly echoes the hotel’s idea of a journey. 

[A journey is] a bridge between reality and imagination that takes you to a magical and wonderful world, a pretext for the fun and disorientation it requires to become real. Corto Maltese’s adventures reflect all of this and more. They are a maze of visions and atmospheres, a fast lane to understanding the meaning of a journey, an explicit invitation to seek its treasures...treasures that will be found along twisting and winding roads, across dreams and adventures, following maps and clues.

This dimension of a journey, packed with charms and encounters, is what Al Cappello Rosso offers each of its guests regardless of the reasons that brought them here.

Our long history has taught us that a hotel is something more than just a comfortable bed, and we believe that no journey should neglect knowledge, life experience and storytelling. Every journey is a story, and travelling is nothing but the chance to read this story.

What is Al Cappello Rosso’s philosophy? To aspire to modernity under our long-standing tradition of hospitality going back more than 600 years, combining internationality with local uniqueness.

Al Cappello Rosso is constantly evolving, a faithful mirror of Bologna’s history that is deeply enmeshed with the social fabric of its citizens: the signs of this harmony are evident, they are imprinted on the walls of our room. Signs that turn into stories: the city’s memories and our guests’ adventures. This is how we create our rooms, in collaboration with our city’s main cultural events: BilBolBul - International Comics Festival, Biografilm Festival - International Celebration of Life, Bologna’s Fondazione Teatro Comunale, Cheap - Street Poster Art Festival, the Cinema Ritrovato Festival and Cineteca of Bologna Foundation.

Every year, new installations and artist residencies enrich the collections in our rooms without distinctions or hierarchies: opera coexists with street art, comics with silent film, and life histories with invention and fiction.

Our rooms seek to add something more to your journey in Bologna, going beyond monuments and museums, because the life of a hotel lies in its ability to recount the social and cultural fabric in which it is embedded.

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